The MYROBOT® company

Next-generation RTC


The MyRobot venture began with the birth of the original smartphone. Our team was actively engaged with Google, volunteering on, at the time, a project called, "Cellbots." In short, the phone served as the brains and we were developing all the necessary software and hardware in order to make the robot drive - or even fly - now known as drones. Fast forward, today MyRobot has merged with a MarTech venture known as LivingAds, specializing in personalized real-time communications for advertisers. Our broadcasting solutions provide all the standard features including LIVE audio, text, video - and even telepresence; essentially, remote control of machines to provide a more real-life experience. MyRobot LLC headquarters are located in Marin County, California; just north of San Francisco. We are actively seeking strategic alliances, visit our contact page if interested in learning more.